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Sell Your Used iPhone 14 Plus

As a giant in the electronics industry, Apple® puts out new and improved iPhones every year. While these frequent releases are exciting for iPhone users, they also pose a problem — figuring out what to do with old devices. While many of these retired phones end up collecting dust in junk drawers, you can give them a new life while putting some extra money in your pocket.

When you come to Gazelle, you can sell your iPhone 14 Plus for instant payment. We're dedicated to buying and selling used mobile devices in a way that's fast, affordable and eco-friendly.

Why Sell My iPhone 14 Plus?

Investing in a new iPhone doesn't mean you have to trash your old one. Instead, you can earn back a chunk of what you spent when you trade it in at Gazelle. Selling your iPhone 14 Plus with us means enjoying the following perks:

Fast payment: When you go through our trade-in process, we'll provide instant payment upon receiving and inspecting your used phone.

Seller safety: Trading in your iPhone 14 Plus with Gazelle means skipping the sketchy in-person meet-ups and staying safe with our secure online process.

Simple process: Selling your device with us is effortless and takes only a few minutes.

Eco-friendliness: You can help the planet by selling your used iPhone at Gazelle and giving your device another chance at life while keeping harmful materials out of the environment.

No extra costs: We don't spring hidden fees or shipping costs on sellers when they trade in their devices with us.

Money for your needs: What you do with the money from your iPhone 14 Plus trade-in is up to you, whether you want to spend it, save it or invest it.

How Much Money Can I Get for My iPhone 14 Plus?

Every device has a different value depending on cosmetic and functional factors. When you submit your iPhone 14 Plus to us, we'll establish a reasonable price based on its:

Physical condition: Phones without physical flaws like cracks, dents, chips and scratches are worth the most money.

Storage capacity: The higher your phone's storage, the more money you'll get.

Functionality: Your device's functional features like volume, ports and displays should work.

Service carrier: If your phone is unlocked or has a leading carrier like AT&T or Verizon, it'll be worth more.

When you request a quote, we'll send an immediate price estimate.

What Is the iPhone 14 Plus Trade-in Process Like?

Trading in your iPhone 14 Plus with Gazelle is fast and easy with our seamless process:

  1. Navigate to the Sell tab on our website.
  2. Select the type of device you have.
  3. Click on your phone carrier and model.
  4. Press the “Get an Offer” button and answer the subsequent questions.
  5. Click “Get Paid” and enter your email so we can send you shipping updates and information.
  6. You'll receive a final offer from us after we obtain and evaluate your device.
  7. We'll send payment through PayPal, an Amazon gift card or a check if you accept the offer.

Trade in Your iPhone 14 Plus at Gazelle

If you have a used device you want to sell, you can get iPhone 14 Plus trade-in deals from Gazelle. We pride ourselves on our fast, secure and transparent buying and selling processes.

Start selling with us today!