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  • What is Gazelle?

    Gazelle is an online reCommerce service that helps...

  • What Happens When I Sell My Cell Phone?

    Once your trade in is received, your cell phones a...

  • What Can I Sell to Gazelle?

    You can sell your used iPhone, iPad or iPod to Gaz...

Sell Cell Phone

With Gazelle, it s remarkably fast and painless to sell cell phones. To sell your cell phone, start by answering a few questions about your device, and we'll let you know how much it s worth. Accept our offer and we'll send you a shippig label. We even pay shipping! The best part is, there's zero risk. When we receive the phone, the first thing we'll do is inspect it. If we have to modify the initial offer, then we will email you a new offer. If you decide now s not the time to sell your cell phone, then we'll return your device for free.

There s not a faster, better way to sell old phones, and getting your money is just as easy. When you complete the checkout process, we'll ask how you d like to get paid. You can request a check, have the funds deposited in your PayPal account, or get an Amazon gift card.

Keep in mind that the offer is good for 30 days, but the faster you send in your phone, the sooner you'll get paid. So, what are you waiting for? Safe, convenient payment for your phone is just a few clicks away. Get a free instant online estimate today and see what you can get paid with Gazelle.