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I have upgraded my Apple laptop and I do not see any options to add these upgrades, will you pay me extra money for the upgrades at a later time?

Any upgrades offered by Apple are included in the offer quote on our website. If the upgrades are not offered by Apple at the point of sale, we do not offer extra money for them.

If you believe the offer for the laptops is not sufficient considering your upgrades, we recommend you remove or replace the upgraded components and sell them privately. The reason for this is when selling laptops in the used marketplace, we have found the prices are not significantly affected by these component upgrades. The most important aspect of the evaluation is the accuracy of the model and native hardware.

If you are unsure of your Apple laptop model, we kindly request that you contact us directly. If you can provide the serial number of the laptop, we would be happy to make sure you are receiving an accurate quote to determine which upgrade options are included in our offer.

Along with the serial number, please submit the following: - Screen Size
- Processor Type and Speed
- Hard Drive Type and Size
- Memory (RAM) Size

To locate these specifications, simply click the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen, then click "About this Mac". You will find the serial number on this screen. Next, click "More Info".

We look forward to receiving your Apple Laptop!