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Can I track my package while on it's way to Gazelle?

If we provided you with a prepaid shipping label via USPS or FedEx, you can enter the carrier tracking number on their web sites.



If you do not have the carrier tracking number you can find it as follows:

If you created an account: Log into your account on From there you will be able to find your tracking number and track your package.

First, click the "Track My Offers" link at the top right corner of your homepage. Next, click "View Details" next to the item you would like to track, then under the title "Your Box Status" you will see a Shipment Tracking Number which is linked to the carrier you selected. This will bring you to the carrier page where you can see the status of your shipment.

If you do not have an account: Please contact customer care through email or by calling us at 1-800-Gazelle. Have your transaction number with you when you contact us. The number looks like SR123456789 and is located in the email we sent you immediately following your transaction.