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How to turn off "Find My iPhone" after you have shipped it to Gazelle

Find My iPhone is automatically activated with iOS7 for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. This automatically blocks activation by other people, and does not allow Gazelle to find a new owner for your device. Because of this, Gazelle will not be able to offer full trade-in value your devices with Find My iPhone enabled unless you deactive the "Find My iPhone" in you iCloud account.

The good news is that it is still possible to clear your device. Here's how:

Go to and login using you Apple iCloud account (this is the same account you use on your device.)

Click "Devices" at the top, and locate the device you sent to Gazelle. After a few moments, iCloud will finish updating the location on each of your devices and the device you sent to Gazelle should appear as offline. Click on the device to select it, go back to the device list, and the click the "X" button to remove it from your account. Please note: device must be powered off.

Click "remove" on the next screen to confirm.

If you received an email from Gazelle asking you to complete these steps, use the link in your email to let us know you've removed it from your account so we can continue to process your device.

Please note: if you are still in possession of your device, you can turn off Find My iPhone right from the settings menu. If you aren't able to remove the device from your iCloud account, please contact us for assistance.